The wine cellar, wine tasting room (which is also an exhibition space), local Slavonian specialties and recreational riding are all part of our offer.


The object of the business of Viticulture and winemaking Ćasić is primarily the cultivation of grapes and the production of wines from white wine varieties of Graševina, Rhine Riesling and Gray Pinot, and red wine varieties of Frankovka and Pinot Crno.

Along with the wine cellar, we have built a wine tasting room so that visitors to the farm can present their wines and the production process. The construction of the tasting room is completely finished, and the furnishing of the tasting room is currently underway. The tasting room will primarily serve as a sales space.

Next to the family house are two farm buildings and a small orchard.
You can visit our economy with advance notice.

In a few years, we want to complete this project with a tourist offer, that is, with the creation of accommodation capacities and the offer of local food from the region, since the new plantation will come to full fruition in four years and the craft will generate significant income and opportunities for further investment.

On our farm you can:

  • Visit the wine cellar

  • Visit the wine tasting room

  • Visit the plantations

  • You can also enjoy wine tasting and rehabilitation riding


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