When Sasha started growing grapes in 2003, he was only 19 years old and a piece of land he inherited from his grandparents.


Viticulture Ćasić is run by young winemaker Saša Ćasić, who started his wine business at the age of nineteen.

After graduating from school, the idea of ​​expanding the family tradition of fruit growing and viticulture emerges, and thus Saša first founded the Ćasić Family Farm, which after a while became a registration form of crafts.

In the village of Donja Obrijež in Pakrac, he raised a vineyard of 4.5ha in addition to his family home. Next to the family house are two farm buildings and a small orchard. Gradually, Saša built and equipped a wine cellar, so that in full years he could start production, and a wine tasting room that exclusively serves as a selling point on the farm. Last year, Saša also started a new investment, with credit funds he bought land in the area of ​​Pakrac vineyards, the size of 9.2 ha, and in the spring of this year started to raise a new vineyard. The total plantation area is now 13.7ha.

The whole process of production, from soil preparation, vine processing and wine production, is done under the expert mentorship of the excellent Croatian winemaker Ivan Enjingi. The production is entirely oriented towards the organic production of wine, which implies the minimal use of chemicals. In order to give the vines a quality wine, they must be treated as naturally as possible, which includes manure fertilization and special protection for indigenous bacteria that also need mature manure.

Sasha also invests heavily in the development of rural tourism. Thus, along with the offer of recreational riding, the construction of the accommodation facility as well as the catering facility is in preparation.


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